Each year, our incredible creative team get together to discuss new content, new ideas and how to top the year from last.

Many of our ideas come from our team, however, we look to our Executive committee to find out their input on ‘what’s hot’ as well as our social media platforms to get an expert opinion from those who know best; Parents!

2017 is going to provide another show stopper! We have three brand new float entries, which we are so excited about!

1. Steampunk


Steampunk is exactly what it says on the tin; think technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery!
Sound like your cup of tea? We thought so…

We have many floats that have been built and adapted over the years. This year we wanted to create a come overhaul of one of our, albeit, classics, DINO.
He will receive a complete steam punk make over, bringing him into the 19th century and beyond!

Take a look at the ideas we have in store. . .

















Float & Design

As self-explanatory as this sounds, the creative team wanted a float where kids could ‘rock out’ too! With some awesome hits and a dance along party for all parade spectators! We are excited to welcome back the students from SaintzUp who, with some great punk rock costumes, will really sell the story! See the float mock up below. . .

Kids music














3. Inflatables

Our inflatables are something everyone in the backroom gets really excited about. These are mainly shipped over from America or Canada and due to another holiday on at the same time as the parade (Thanksgiving), we compete to ensure we have the utmost content that the children and families will enjoy!

This year we have the 4 Madagascar helium penguins!