Santa Parade Team

All the Parade planning, creative and logistics is led by a small but mighty team who start planning the next incredible Parade in January!

Pam Glaser

Pam GlaserThe General Manager is Pam Glaser, who has been in this role since the before the Parade was gifted to Auckland City.

Q - Where does your passion come from year on year for the Santa Parade? . . . . .

A - “The Farmers Santa Parade is the most exhilarating, inspiring, challenging, complex, intricate, heart-warming, uplifting and satisfying event that there is!

"Now who would possibly give that up?”

Creative Team

The incredible people that are involved with our creative, are next level A-MAZ-ING (even if we do say so ourselves). The ideas and the designs that they come up with year upon year, is truly outstanding.

Peter Taylor

Q - Where does your inspiration come from?

A - "After years of doing the Parade, I find inspiration in everyday living, the Santa Parade is always in the back of your mind. I am drawn to virtually anything big, bold and bright colours for the effect it has in your mind thereafter.

"I won’t lie, the Parade day itself, freaks me out. For all the time, effort and love we put into our creations, one logistical bad move and it could be a major crisis. I relax when the event day is over and then start to process the success of another great year!"

Ronelle Thompson

Q - How did you get involved with the Creative team and why?

A - I have always been creative and have spent the previous 4-6 years costume designing, making and performing in an amateur theatre group. Also costume making, make up design and lighting for a children's amateur theatre group. Being a painter, a creator, a theme maker, prop maker, a dancer it's what I love to do, so when I saw a job opening with the Auckland Children's Christmas Parade I jumped on it!

I love the challenge of thinking about how to make a costume work (in bulk numbers) hardy enough to cope with being transported, light enough that our costume wearers can manage the weight as they are often in it for 5 hours, thinking of headpieces, props, anything to help tell the story and tie it into the float. We don’t have lighting so we need to make the colours bold, or sparkly, have movement stand out and look appealing to the audience, no matter what the weather. I also love working with the choreographers, thinking up music and how best to layout our sets.

Q - Where does your new creative content stem from year upon year?

A - I can just about get excited about anything. I look at colours, could be from a flower, in fabric patterns, fabric we see in shops, a shape, walking in nature, staring at the ocean, a rainbow, a movie, Pinterest, I listen to young children, a song, a toy, kid’s book, it's endless really. Steampunk stemmed from a visit to Oamaru a couple of years back, the capital of Steam Punk, I loved it! I also loved the movie "the Golden Compass" which just spiked my desire to be able to add a little steam punk to the Parade and I've been pushing for it ever since. Once I have an idea I generally share it with my team, and get them excited and we bounce more and more ideas, we probably struggle more with not being able to do all the content we would love to do!